Born and raised in Southern California, moved to Boston, MA for College, and landed in Austin, Tx with my husband and two golden retriever pups. You can often find me at coffee shops or soaking up the sun.

A little about my work: I run 3 successful businesses myself, and my passion is helping small businesses create marketing strategies, get their website designed and running, and define their brand. I can't wait to get to know you more and take your business to the next level. 

You can stop looking. You found your small business partner!

Hey! I'm Ali !

Liked mentioned above, I grew up in a small beach town in Southern California called San Clemente, when trying to pick a name- I wanted something that represented my roots and where I came from. I shortened the name San Clemente to Clement, and once I dug deeper on the meaning of the word Clement- I found out it meant merciful. 

The dictionary explains Clement as, "someone or something that is likely to be gentle or kind." 

The world is hard enough, I want my business to be a place that resembles the place that I grew up, and the people that below there- kind and merciful. My hope when working together that you experience a bit of that kindness, creativity, and ease. 

If you are a church or a religious organization, you may see at the top of my website the St. Clement Project- that area of my website is aimed towards you and may be the best place to connect. 


A little bit about the meaning behind our name: 

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"When we were starting our new company we were just completely overwhelmed by how to get our good idea out into the world. Then we turned to CD&C. They listened to what we wanted to do and built us a custom--but affordable!--web presence, marketing plan and a seemingly magical process that did one thing: It brought us new clients.
 She is worth every penny.